With the rise of the concept of “whole” in recent years, the diversified development of sanitary ware products in the building materials industry has been followed by a series of “whole” style building materials products in many building materials industries, in which the whole sanitary ware is a very representative example. In the current market, consumers are interested in sanitary ware. The requirements of product’s use function and personality design are increasing day by day, and more and more consumers begin to pay attention to the unified, integrated and multi-functional integral bathroom, which also promotes the rapid development of the integral bathroom.
The concept of “wholeness” continues to prevail
The initiation of the concept of “whole” has always been controversial between the industry and consumers, and the high price of the whole bathroom is the bottleneck of market promotion. Many bathroom brands set off the “overall bathroom” trend in 2008. Many brands of sanitary ware and cabinets have intervened or integrated with each other, which is bound to create a true sense of “overall bathroom”. The overall trend will continue to prevail, but how to reduce costs and expand different levels of suites, so that the overall bathroom into the mainstream of the market, is a bathroom manufacturers have to consider.
With the continuous development of bathroom enterprises, the promotion and innovation of bathroom sanitary ware is very important. The year of 2011 has passed, and the development of the sanitary ware industry in 2012 is very necessary. Therefore, the innovation of sanitary ware products is very important.
New materials are emerging in endlessly
More and more natural materials are included in the design of bathroom space. Wood, stone, rattan and so on have broken through the mortar unsuitable for bathroom products; synthetic materials are more colorful: waterproof wallpaper, waterproof paint, metal mosaic, color ceramics, self-cleaning glaze and other new technologies continue to break the bathroom white ceramics uniformity. The next situation. The board and countertop of the cabinet also bring consumers more and more material and color choices.
Enlargement of All-round Humanized Function
Solving physiological needs and personal hygiene have long been regarded as the narrow definition of toilet. To maximize the enjoyment of people into the bathroom space, focusing on the intellectualization of bathroom products. The two channels of human enjoyment, visual and auditory, are fully realized in the bathroom. A fashionable bathtub, in addition to having enough bath space, smart businessmen are skillfully embedding TV and audio equipment in which such intelligent enjoyment makes people realize the power of science and technology.


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