Installed, much heavier than the original plastic handle, good! It's beautiful! Delivery is very fast.

Andy - Student

The goods are very good. The price is not expensive, but the goods are genuine. It's a little too big. The handle of the solar valve at home is broken. The valve is very good. another business is not good to buy a valve. Try to see if there are any handles. It was received in two days. I'll install it when I get back. Excellent! Give your boss a compliment. Find your home if i need anything more.

William - Clerk

This handle is very heavy, the quality is not to say, very good, has been installed! Very honest sellers, worthy of praise, meet the problem absolutely reasonable solution, shopping without worries!

Robert - Specialist

It's not bad. It's installed and used when bought. It's very good and solid. It's worth collecting and owning.

Jane Doe - Designer