Domestic sanitary industry after a period of continued explosive growth period, now, is entering a period of rapid development, at this time, in order to obtain the competition advantage in the market, dealers is multi thinking, take various measures to promote their sales skills, improve sales.

Accurately grasp the sales opportunity

To portray the place you out of the ordinary to the customer at a critical moment, to touch the customers are not only willing to buy your product, but urgent to clinch a deal with you, let the customer to realize that this is her opportunity not to be missed. So either you can in a certain value level significantly more than the opponent (can successfully solve the customer value is the inner conflict), either you to learn to create a feeling of scarcity.

But some of the sales staff not to go to the bathroom to obtain customer commitment. Rarely has an interactive can clinch a deal, it is the accumulation of the chain comprises a plurality of small decisions, you must individually breakthrough, can finally in numerous competition on hand to come to the fore, then obtain commitment is over a decision effort is a design force Tula near transaction distance.

Sales of products is also selling enterprise

Success in selling yourself, let oneself keep a good impression in the customer heart, honest, trustworthy, fun is a good quality, the lowest bottom line is at least the customer don’t hate you.

But some sanitary ware sales staff often due to fear of the customer and follow up and push customers hate to give up efforts.

Accurate grasp of consumer psychology

To be good at integrating a series of information or tools, to customers that what you say is true. If the empirical material with low cost, enough to prove, that nature will be better, this is partial to the rational demonstration; no empirical material, must learn to “tell a story”, a concrete, know the details, of course, the story of the corroboration of sense, these are pre arranged well, or really has become the story.

But some sanitary ware sales staff is not willing to spend the time to integrate these “evidence”, always put the power to make on spot to play on persuasion and. Remember: all fall into the sale of trace events, will be rational thinking to customers, “the decision in a rational world, all the evidence is not sufficient”. The highest state of sales is not to feel the existence of customer sales!

Enterprise resource to meet consumer demand,

To put the customer’s needs and the services you can provide links, to tell her that she can bring what you value, to help her solve any problem, must stand in the conflict the position of customers and customer inner interaction. Minimum baseline at least you want to make the customer feel you understand her needs.

But some sanitary ware sales staff can’t handle a conversation, led by the nose by customers, do not know the core resources of its own, did not take the initiative to the customer, your resources.

In short, sanitary enterprises want to get customers to buy your product, we must first make the customer to realize the rational “value”. Sanitary ware sales staff to reach a deal by the above steps, a complete sales.


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