First,contact inspection

Wipe the outer cover with clean gauze. The inspector is required to wear contact gloves along the length of the stamping part to make contact with the stamping part. This inspection method depends on the inspector’s experience. A quick check can be made by grinding suspected areas detected and verifying them.

Second, oil inspection

With clean gauze will cover the surface of the piece wipe clean. Use a clean brush to apply oil evenly in the same direction to the entire surface of the press. Check the coated stamping parts in bright light. It is recommended to erect the stamping parts on the body orientation. With this method can be very easy to find the small stamping parts of the pit, dent, ripple.

Third,visual inspection

Visual inspection is mainly used to find the appearance abnormalities and macroscopic defects of stamping parts.

Fourth,Inspection of fixture

Put the stamping parts into the fixture and test the stamping parts according to the operation requirements of the fixture manual.


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