In order to save time or save money, we may try to prepare the materials to install the faucet by ourselves. Through the search of all sorts of channel understanding, installation faucet does not have too big technical difficulty, but the little partner that installs for the first time often appears same perplexity: how does faucet install not crooked? It is often at the last moment of installation that we find the faucet askew. How is the faucet installed correctly?

1, how to install the faucet is not crooked, correct installation is the key.

Installation is not crooked namely faucet is not straight, it is the stage that installation achievement shows apparently, push forward backward, appear faucet is not straight certainly is installation means method appeared small error. So, how to install the faucet is not crooked the key is to master the correct method of installing the faucet. First of all, we should be ready to install the tools and accessories of the faucet, ready to wrench, pliers, hoses, raw material belt and other materials, close the water meter main gate valve, and clean the clean water pipe sediment left behind and other impurities. Then, check the joint of faucet and inner wire, check whether there is any problem with the joint inner wire and whether the faucet is installed straight. After confirming that there is no problem, remove the faucet and wrap several turns of raw material belt in the opposite direction of the faucet thread (to prevent the faucet from leaking). Finally, turn the faucet clockwise to connect it to the water pipe.

2, how to install the faucet is not crooked, to save the crooked faucet.

After the correct installation, you can carefully observe whether the faucet is in place, if there is a skew, can be used to fine-tune the position of the wrench, but the faucet need not be screwed too tight, so as not to screw the collapse caused by the slip wire.


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