Jay Chou said “home is the only castle”, Jonathan Lee tells us “home is my most willing burden”…… Home to every one of us, will have a different meaning, but is the same, every family, whether cottage or house, have a rich and colorful story.

Maybe now you are single; or are a sweet couple; or is a family of three; or the big family of four generations. Single you want is leisurely and comfortable, with the other half of you want to double harvest, sweet and free for a family of three, what you want is a small family of four generations, warm and comfortable family want is between tolerance…… Different life state is different, the requirements for the bathroom dear, which one do you want?

Singles exquisite “do not have a taste in the heart”

For single Miss Wang, a busy day of life, comfortable wash a hot bath, wash away all the fatigue is the most happy thing.

Bathroom needs: for single living girl, bathroom area need not be huge, but still want to choose the design of personalized, one is able to let this tiny place become out of the ordinary; two is the hope of personal space more comfortable.


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